I love seeing beautiful quilts.  I have attempted to make a small one.  Never get them completed.  I cannot keep my seams even and end up with a quilt not in proper alignment.  I recently made a quilt using my Embroidery Machine.  It came out beautiful and was actually really easy to make. I enjoyed this process much better.  I decided to try to create my own simple quilt block using the BES4 software my Embroidery Machine has.  The image at the bottom shows the block I created. 

 Here is a video I made showing how to assemble the block in your embroidery machine.

Here is a link for a PES embroidery file t  make your own block.  Click here for PES file.  If you have a smaller hoop than*' x 12" and you can edit the file. Delete half and the use a smaller hoop.  You will need to hoop twice instead of once to complete one block.  Make several blocks and sew together to make a quilt, table runner or a wall display.  Have fun!

Blessings, Diane

Hello, I have been trying to learn how to use the BES4 software that comes with my new Embroidery Machine. I created a Tic Tac Toe game board. It has a faux leather backing and fabric on top. I plan to use buttons or candy for markers. This one didn't take too long create the file.
Here is the file for you to use. It is a PES file. Click Here for File

Blessings, Diane

Back to School Face Masks

 I was asked to  make Face Masks for the local church school staff.  I gladly accepted the opportunity. Being so new to using my embroidery machine I quickly found it a challenge to figure out the proper stabilizer and tension to use for the embroidery designs. I found some nice designs to use.  It did take me quite a bit of time to complete the task.  I am very happy with the results.  The school staff were also pleased with the finished masks.  See the beautiful results.

Blessings, Diane

Working on a Table Runner


I have been working on a table runner.  I LOVE these quilt block squares from Tattered Stitch Embroideries. There are several different floral designs to choose from.  I have purchased almost all of them. What will I create next with the designs?? You can even stitch out the blue border part and put in a design of your choice if you want. I really like that these designs are not too dense. I made them into 8"x 8" squares. The designs come in 4-5 sizes. This is such a deal as so many places charge you for the same design in each different size.  Took some shopping to find a matching blue fabric I liked for the border.  I want to put a white border around the outside.  I think what I have here may work beautifully. I have used the same squares to make some coasters.  I think they will be beautiful for pin cushions also. Join the Facebook group.  So many wonderful ladies sharing their projects, ideas and help when you are stuck.

No photo description available.

Thread Catcher and Coasters


I needed a thread catcher and found this pattern from Engineered in Stitches, a Facebook group.  It is all done In The Hoop.  Look up a video for the technique.  It really is a different method of putting a project together.  I really like the colors.

The thread catcher did take me a bit to figure out how to assemble.  I left the pin cushion off the project.  It suits me better to put under my machine.  My coasters are perfect the Summer.

Blessings, Diane

No photo description available.No photo description available.No photo description available.

New Embroidery Machine


With the Covid-19 Pandemic keeping us all home many are needing to keep busy somehow.  I have lot's of hobbies to keep me busy.  A friend shared with me her embroidery machine.  I must say I was intrigued about what I could possibly make. A local shop was having a online sale.  I decided to buy a embroidery machine.  I treated myself to a Brother Essence Innovis VM5200.  I really like that it have 3 hoops so I can embroider different sized projects.  It also sews like a basic machine and does quilting.

I have been having fun making a few projects.  I have make pin cushions, coasters and working on a table runner.  One thing that becomes addicting is buying embroidery designs.  I have  really come to like the the designs by Tattered Stitches Embroideries, She has some really nice items. I have also shopped from Embroidery Library, Sweet PeaPickle Designs, SWAK embroidery, Kreative KIWI,  Embroidery Designs.com  This is just a small few I have visited and what is available to shop from.

Brother Essence Innov-ís VM5200 | homesewingcenterInnov-is V5LE | Sewing and Embroidery Machine | Brother

Christmas Craft Fair

Hello Everyone,

I have been very busy prepping for a upcoming craft show.  Deciding what to make and how many of each item to make for a craft show can be daunting.  I have to take into consideration my interests and skills when deciding what I want to make.  Then figure out if the items would be something someone would be interested in buying.  I have so many ideas in my head and not enough time to create and make all those ideas a reality.  I think the important thing is, that I enjoy the process of making whatever I decide. 

Here are some the the items I have been working on.
These are treat boxes.  Aren't they so cute. Fill with candy.  Make a hot cocoa gift set with a couple of cocoa packets, mini marshmallows in a cello bag and a couple of candy canes. Great for co-workers, party favors for a Christmas party. I use my Cricut to cut the images.  I found a couple of patterns at Miss Kate Cuttables and some I created with Illustrator.

Here are some gift card holders I am working on. A cute way to present a gift card to someone.

Come back to visit to see what else I am working on.

Blessings,  Diane

Trick or Treat


For my first craft show I made some adorable Halloween treat boxes.  It took quite some time to create some cut files for my Cricut.  Using my Cricut sure made the process of getting these boxes made so much faster.  I didn't sell many boxes at the show.  I did get a huge order from a friend and a couple of smaller orders.  I have made over 80 boxes.  I am tired.  The original idea came from using a Stampi Up die Top Note and a variety of punches to punch out shapes like the nose, bolt, eyes.  If you search for Top Note Halloween boxes you can find some tutorials. Here is a link that has some great tutorials. http://dreamcreateandshare.blogspot.com/2009/09/and-heres-frankie.html

Have a blessed day!

Blessings, Diane

New Adventure


A friend I have known for many years recently retired and asked me if I wanted to participate in craft shows with her.  I have done a few craft shows several years ago.  I  also decided to retire this Summer.  We have joined up together and so far we work really well together.

I am selling my Chic Totes that can be used for grocery bags, beach bag, sleepovers, craft projects, and carry stuff around everyday.  I am also selling pin cushions, knit and crochet dish cloths, rice filled warmers for sore necks and cold toes. Greeting cards, treat boxes, gift card holders and more.
My friend has a variety of items she is personalizing and decorating with her new embroidery sewing machine.

I made us matching aprons that were wonderful for holding lot's of things we needed.  I love our stands that we got from IKEA.

Here are some photos from our first craft show.

Have a blessed day,

Blessings, Diane

DIY - Make your own re-usable produce bags.

My family has been trying to reduce the use of plastics.  One thing I have noticed is those plastic bags in the produce department get very little use.  Put your produce in the bag, check out, get home and remove the produce, throw the bag away. I decided to make my own re-usable and washable produce bags.  They are very lightweight so add very little to the cost of your produce purchase. I believe the small cost is worth the environmental impact all those plastic bags add to the landfill. I made a video of how to make your own produce bags.  I started out with a mesh laundry bag from my local dollar store. You also need some cording or a thin shoelace, cotton yarn or durable ribbon for your drawstring.  These bags can be hand sewn if you do not have a sewing machine.  Watch the video for instructions. Follow my YouTube channel for more videos to come.

Click below to watch video!

Sorting tip for your craft dies.


Today I want to share a tip on how I make sorting my craft dies easier.  I have dies that come in packets that have many dies in one packet.  I tend to use dies from more than one packet when I am making projects.  At the end of the day it was taking quite awhile to sort the dies back into their proper packet.  I came up with a easy solution to the problem.  I use nail polish and put a small amount on each die in the packet and put a small amount of that same color die on the front of the packaging.  Now, I sort the dies by color at the end of the day and quickly put them back into their proper packet. I hope this tip helps you to sort your dies easier. See my video for more information.  Enjoy.
Blessings, Diane


I have been enjoying some of my time at home since my job was eliminated. Having more time at home has given me more time to be creative and cook from scratch. My Hubby enjoys when I take time to make a home cooked meal and who wouldn't.
I decided I wanted to make some cinnamon rolls. I look at the cinnamon rolls in the bakery section of the market and they look dried out. I want soft, fluffy cinnamon rolls not hard ones. I decided to go on a mission and check the internet for a recipe. Gotta love the internet for the resources you can find. I found a recipe on King Arthur Flour web site. It lacked sugar in the dough so I thought it might be a bit bland. If  your having a cinnamon roll you want sweet I say.  So I kept looking and found Cleobuttera. She used the same recipe as King Arthur and made a couple of adjustments. Cleobuttera has a lot of step by step photos and instructions for making the cinnamon rolls so you cannot mess them up. The recipe is at the bottom of her blog page.  The technique I learned to make soft and fluffy cinnamon rolls is called "Tangzhong method".  Check this link for some good information and how to start your cinnamon rolls and also bread recipes. You can also search the internet for more information related to Tangzhong method.
My family sure enjoyed the cinnamon rolls.  The following day they are still soft and fluffy. It did take awhile t make them. Mostly because of the wait to for the dough to rise.  I found other thing to do during the wait time.  They are well worth the effort to make. Look how beautiful they are, and the caramelized bottom is a bonus.

Hope you make some and enjoy.

Blessings, Diane


Starting the New Year with a little bit more creativity.  I have this box filled with a bunch of scrap die cuts and Cricut shapes.  I decided I need to start using up what I have cut already instead of cutting more pieces.

 I pulled out lot's of pieces and played with layering them till I put together something I like.  The greetings I type up on my computer and then die cut cut.  I hope to have a video tutorial in the future t show you how I do that.  I have to learn to screen capture and edit before I can do this. When I got something together I liked I put onto a card base and I have a couple of beautiful finished cards. 

May your day be filled with many blessings,

Blessings, Diane
Happy New Year,

I am looking forward to the New Year. 2018 was a difficult year and also filled with some wonderful blessings.  My father passed away at the end of 2017 so the entire 2018 year was filled dealing with his property and stuff.  His no need for a Trust has proven a challenge for me to deal with.  I did get him to sign a Will that the state of California does not really recognize so I have to go through Probate.  That has been a challenge but I am working through it without a lawyer.  Dealing with the court, tons of paperwork,  realtors and siblings has I believe strengthened me.  There have been days I have wanted to quit and let someone else deal with this.  Then I remember my father choose me to take care of his Estate so I push forward.  At the end of 2018 I finally got one piece of property sold.  On to the next one.  Probate is I think actually moving along faster than I expected.  Most people tell me it take a year to two years.  I started in August and I am at the point to ask the judge for final distribution.  I had the loss of a sweet Nephew to suicide that no one expected. I also had the loss of a very dear friend. She battled cancer for 7 years and it took her life. My dad's brother passed away one year and eleven days after my father. There was so much loss this past year my heart cannot take anymore.We also decided to have our kitchen cabinets refinished, and that turned into a disaster. The painter did such a poor job that my cabinets looked like a cat scratched the front. Since I would not accept the quality of work the contractor left the job.  The owner called and wanted to make things right.  We gave him a chance but the guy painted everything outside and the doors are covered in dust that then got covered with paint.  What a ugly mess. I have hired someone else that is making new doors and drawers.  Hope to have them installed next week.  Started this back in August. It was supposed to be a three week job and it is now January.

The blessings for 2018 were restored relationships.  This just fills my heart to the brim with love and is what I needed to counter all the loss in my life.  My eldest son whom walked away from the family a few years ago, has come back into our lives and it has been joyous.  My second son and his wife have reunited and remarried and are so happy together. To see my son's broken heart healed and to see the two of them together gives hope that broken relationships can be mended. With the passing of my dad's brother this year I reconnected with cousins I had not seen for about 40 years. We spent time together and it was so comfortable. We shared so many memories of our childhood together and photos. Living all the way across the states from each other we just never visited. 

I am looking forward this year to finishing up the Probate work and taking more time to do something creative.  I realized I need to refuel my inner self with doing something I enjoy. For the past few years I have challenged myself to complete something during the year.  One of my best was going back to school and learning how to use Adobe Illustrator, In-Design and Photoshop.  That has proven to be a great investment to myself.  I can create so much more than I used to and it has expanded my job skills.

 This year I want it to be about relationships. I lost so much last year that this year I want to spend more time with friends and family and nurture those relationships more than I have before. I also want to get back to doing something creative and sharing it with others.

My first project for 2019 was making these bowl cozies.  With Winter upon us I have been eating more out of a bowl and they can get hot.  So I decided a bowl cozie was a necessity.

I found some patterns and tutorials online.  Check these out if you want to make some yourself.

Diane Knott - Craftsy

Craft Warehouse

Happy Hour Stitches


There are also You-Tube videos you can search for if you need more help.

Happy New Year,  Blessing to you all!


Weekly Meal Planner with Dinner Suggestions


I have been busy trying to get meal planning organized.  I have created three weeks of worth of Dinner Ideas.  Have more ideas for a fourth week.  Will work on getting that put together soon. I have recipes for you also. Some are 4" x 6" size, ready for you to cut out and laminate if you want.  A couple had too much info to fit on a card size so they are full pages.  Just fold to fit in your recipe box. I laminated my Menu planner so it will last awhile.  I also thought you could cut out each meal idea and put into a jar and pull out a few for the week to mix it up.
Here is what they look like.  Click on the PDF link to print out or just save onto your computer. I left the grocery list section blank so you can fill in yourself. Come back to get week for and some more recipes.

Recipe Cards Set One  These do not necessarily match what is on the week one Meal Planner,  I didn't think that far ahead when I was typing up the recipes.  Just print them all out.

Using Rotisserie chicken from the deli will save you time and if you have a smaller family you will have leftovers for another meal. If your deli makes a nice potato salad or cole slaw, pick it up and save yourself some time making from scratch.  Though I do know a couple of ladies that can make a really wonderful potato salad.  I don't.  I always forget I am cooking the potatoes and then have to make mashed potatoes. :) 

Feel free to leave a comment.
Blessings, Diane