Christmas Cards with the Cricut


Boy the year has sure passed.  I spent many months planning a retreat for the women at the church I attend.  It took up many more hours of my time than I thought it would.  In the end it was all worth it.  I was blessed in so many ways and the ladies enjoyed themselves greatly.  Until the next time I plan a huge event like that I will have some time to create cards and projects.  I have also been busy sewing again.  My first hobby, that has been put on the back burner for many years. I have also been busy knitting and crocheting.  I will have to put up photos of some of those projects to share with you.
I finally bought myself a Cricut.  They have been out for years and I put off getting one.  I got a very special price for mine so I was able to afford it.  I have been enjoying making projects from what I cut from it.
I thought it would be nice to create some Christmas cards using the Cricut.  It really is nice to create something that you cannot create with rubber stamps.  The cards shown here are a couple of cards I will be featuring at a upcoming Christmas Card class.  Check the calendar for dates and times.  Give me a couple of days from now to post the details.  I just couldn't wait to show you what the cards turned out like.  I did get some inspiration from something I saw online for one of them.
Looking forward to sharing more projects with you.
Enjoy!   Blessings, Diane

What is growing in my garden?


I have been enjoying planting vegetables and cooking them. We have been eating green beans, onions, carrots and zucchini. I planted one plant and it has grown and grown. I forgot what I planted. Looking at it I thought maybe I would be getting some cucumbers. No fruit was budding so I had no clue what was to come.

Today I took a peek and look what I found hidden beneath the vines. It is either watermelon or cantaloupe. I will know for sure in a few weeks.

This is what happen when you don't pick the zucchini quick enough. They can grow bigger than a can of vegetables. This size is better for making bread with. Homemade zucchini bread is YUMMY!!

I have a corn stalk growing here. I really don't expect anything from it. I found out your supposed to plant a few together for them to cross breed. I didn't plant enough and I ran out of planting space.

My tomatoes and bell peppers never did come up. I will have to plant some more this weekend. We still have enough summer ahead to get some growing.

Blessings, Diane

Spring Banner


I can tell Spring is trying to overcome Winter. The leaves of future flowers are poking up through the ground as the dirt warms. I know some of these flowers as they have sprung up from seeds left behind since they last bloomed for the past couple of years. I am looking forward to the return of their beautiful blossoms. I planted a vegetable garden recently and now have vegetables in my garden starting to show themselves towards the sun. I have eaten a couple of radishes and the bunny has been enjoy the greens of those radishes and the stems of the broccoli. I have a Spring banner project I wanted to share with you today. It is one of those chilly days outside but I didn't let the cold detour me from making something that says happy and cheerful. I will have kits available for sale at my upcoming classes for only $5.00.


Blessings, Diane

Helping Others - Project to share


I recently went to an event with my friend Janet. It was a girls night out put on by the Fish Radio station. Featured artist was Heather Williams, a wonderful singer and a amazing story of her life. Special guest was Caroline Barnett from the Dream Center in L.A.. We had a wonderful time at the event. They also had many vendors there to talk with. I had an opportunity to speak with a woman that is involved with the Dream Center in a new ministry to their already many wonderful ministries. She is involved with the ministry that is helping to rescue girls from human trafficking. You may not have heard of human trafficking or even believe it exist right here in the United States or even right here in our own backyard of California, but it does. I have some friends that have been involved with another organization for awhile. I really didn't know how bad this is until the statics were shared with me. I asked this woman how I could help. She mentioned a couple of ways and crafting came up. Well you all know that I have been blessed with the ability to do many crafts and believe that the skills and knowledge is not for myself but to share and teach others. I offered to plan a project for the girls. I took time today to test out my idea and made a couple of samples. I am pleased how they turned out. I decided to decorate picture frames. The message to mat the photo on says "Beautiful One I Adore". I want these girls to know that they are beautiful and adored by God. I want to take their picture and have them put it into the frame they will get to decorate. A picture to remind them of their new life and beginning and to know they have a God that loves and adores them. A bible verse that came to me is from
Psalm 18: 1 - 6 How I love you, LORD! You are my defender. The LORD is my protector; he is my strong fortress. My God is my protection, and with him I am safe. He protects me like a shield; he defends me and keeps me safe. I call to the LORD, and he saves me from my enemies. Praise the LORD! The danger of death was all around me; the waves of destruction rolled over me. The danger of death was around me, and the grave set its trap for me. In my trouble I called to the LORD; I called to my God for help. In his temple he heard my voice; he listened to my cry for help.
There are millions of people in slavery across the world. We can do something to help.
I know personally how I feel when I accomplish something and many of you have shared with me how you feel when you get to be creative. Having the chance to have a creative outlet can be a healing experience.
Here are some facts out human trafficking. There are many more opportunities you can help the Dream Center. There are many more organizations that could use volunteers. Check out today what you can do to make someone else's life better.
These are the frames I made today. I think the girls would really enjoy making one of their own and personalizing it for themselves.

Blessings, Diane

Here are photos of cards we will be making at my upcoming class. Check calendar for details.
I will also be having a clearance sale that day.
Hope to see you.

Blessings, Diane

Vote for Craig-Norwalk City Council


My husband Craig is running for Norwalk City Council. We hope you will vote for him March 8th. We appreciate your support.
Blessings, Diane

Valentine Banner - Available to order kit


The LOVE Valentine banner is now available to order.
For details of the kits and to place your order click here!
If you want to attend the class check the calendar for details.
Blessings, Diane

Valentine Explosion Box


I spent my weekend making this wonderful Explosion Box. I do still need to add photos but was too excited I finished my project I wanted to take photos to share. I used the My Digital Studio software from Stampin' Up! to create the images I added to the project. The paper is retired paper from Stampin' Up!. The explosion box was created using a blank from Pinecone Press. I love this blank because it saves me time. I don't have to make my box first to decorate. I just get to the fun of creating. I also love that is blank has pockets so you can add tags. I use the tags for journaling or adding more photos. You can purchase your own blank here.

This is the box with the lid on top. Side view of box.
Inside of box opened.
Closer view inside box.

Tags added to picture here.

Closer view with tags.

Another side of inside box with tags.

Closer view inside box.
Another view inside box.

The My Digital Studio sheet I created.Please feel free to leave a comment.

Blessings, Diane

Christmas Card class Tea Party


Yes, I am very late posting these photos. I even had a few days off from work and was still too busy to share these with you. Before my Christmas card class I hosted a Tea Luncheon. The ladies had a very nice time. It was great to share conversation with people that hadn't seen each other for awhile. I really do enjoy the event. I should have these luncheons more often. Such a waste of my tea pots and cups to collect dust in the cupboard. But more importantly I enjoy the company of friends and what better way to share time with them enjoying a meal also. Thanks bunches ladies for joining me for the day.
Blessings, Diane

Valentine "LOVE" banner

I created this LOVE banner using the new valentine paper from Pinecone Press. I really like the soft muted colors. I did use chipboard as the base to give strength to the banner so I can use it again year after year. The papers have patterns on both sides. You can choose to use the other side pattern to give your banner a different look. I really like the Valentine Love banner.
I will be hosting a class for this project on Wednesday, February 2nd. See calendar for more details.
If your not able to attend the class I will have kits available for purchase.
Kits will cost $15.00 plus shipping.
I will get a PayPal button up in a couple of days so you can place an on-line order.
Blessings, Diane