I love seeing beautiful quilts.  I have attempted to make a small one.  Never get them completed.  I cannot keep my seams even and end up with a quilt not in proper alignment.  I recently made a quilt using my Embroidery Machine.  It came out beautiful and was actually really easy to make. I enjoyed this process much better.  I decided to try to create my own simple quilt block using the BES4 software my Embroidery Machine has.  The image at the bottom shows the block I created. 

 Here is a video I made showing how to assemble the block in your embroidery machine.

Here is a link for a PES embroidery file t  make your own block.  Click here for PES file.  If you have a smaller hoop than*' x 12" and you can edit the file. Delete half and the use a smaller hoop.  You will need to hoop twice instead of once to complete one block.  Make several blocks and sew together to make a quilt, table runner or a wall display.  Have fun!

Blessings, Diane

Hello, I have been trying to learn how to use the BES4 software that comes with my new Embroidery Machine. I created a Tic Tac Toe game board. It has a faux leather backing and fabric on top. I plan to use buttons or candy for markers. This one didn't take too long create the file.
Here is the file for you to use. It is a PES file. Click Here for File

Blessings, Diane