Star Card Class

If you would like to make a Star Card you can attend a class on September 11th. The class will be at Pinecone Press, at 7:00 p.m. The class fee is $25.00. The address is 2600 S. Harbor Blvd. Santa Ana. Phone number is 714 434-9881. Call or go into the store to register for class. You will truly like it.

Blessings, Diane

Chillin' Star Card


After making a few of these I feel like winter is almost here.
I finally have a picture of a Star Card I made. I used the Chillin' papers for this project also. Pinecone Press just designed and released their Chillin' papers as well as some really nice Halloween paper. All are 12 x 12 cardstock quality.
I made a template for this project and my boss loved it so much she made it into a company product. So if you like this project you can buy a kit with the blank to make your own. You get five folded cards and five cut-out cards. It comes complete with directions on how to assemble. You can get them by calling Pinecone Press at (714) 434-9881. Their web site is here Pinecone Press

I love how they fold flat like a card but can be opened as shown and displayed. They also fit to a tin that can be used for gift giving. You can add your own personal photos in the dangles and along the sides. The openings come in both squares and circles.

Thanks for looking,

A top view of my project.

A few close-ups of the different sides. There are five altogether to complete the project.

Winter Explosion Box


I am having fun at work using the new Chillin' papers and the Explosion Box die kit. The die kits are so nice. The paper is all pre-cut and pre-scored. You get to start having fun embellishing right away and not have to cut and score the base first. This design is also so nice as it has pockets for you to insert fun tags for more pictures and journaling. The corners are also a bonus from most I have seen for additional pictures, icons and embellishments. The corners just fold into the center of the box when closed. If you would like to make a project yourself contact Pinecone Press for materials.

Thanks for looking.

Blessings, Diane

The corners fold into center of box. I added ribbon and charms to the lid of the box so there is an extra element of surprise when the box is opened.

Top flap lifted to show second flap. The second flap lifts so show the inside, side of box.

I decorate both sides of the flaps.

Use a circle punch to cut a half circle before closing the pocket.

Enjoying our camping trip!

We enjoyed our new tent trailer. We went to Lake Skinner. Was so HOT! I think I would enjoy the place more in the Fall. A few wineries in the area that I would just LOVE to check out sometime. I saw a B&B that I thought I could get hubby to book for us.
Love the oven in the tent trailer I baked cookies and bread. Was wonderful to use my own shower and not the dirty public showers. I was able to work on some craft projects and not have my paper blow away or have dirt get into everything. I am sure were going to love this tent trailer so much we just may not be home on the weekends much. Jason enjoyed jumping the small hills but skinned himself up a couple of times.
Like all my handsome guys. My hubby Craig and two younger sons, Allan in white and Jason in blue.

Camping in the great outdoors!

After many years of tent camping, we have finally upgraded to a tent trailer. For many that may not be much of a luxury upgrade but for my family it will be great. We are hoping to take our first trip very soon. I know I will enjoy our new tent trailer. It comes complete with an oven, stove top, fridge with freezer, sink with running water, toilet, shower, two king size beds, radio with CD player, and heater. I know for me it will making camping much more comfortable. Less time setting up and taking down camp and more time to fish, hike, watch the birds, relax doing nothing. Great outdoors here we come!!


I have finally joined the world of bloggers. I plan to use this space to share my craft creations and keep my students up to date with future classes and gatherings.
I have been crafting since I was 12. I started with sewing Barbie clothes and then clothes for myself. I later enjoyed painting ceramics and taking classes with my mom. My mom taught me to crochet and later I learned to knit from some wonderful ladies I worked with. I have also enjoyed tole painting and used to sell my items to family, friends, co-workers and at fairs. I have also learned to cross stitch, which now is hard with my weakened eyesight. A couple of years ago I started to make my own jewelry and love playing with beads and enjoy wearing the jewelry I make. My favorite craft for the past 9 years has been rubber stamping. I have become addicted to paper. I have taken my rubber stamping from just making cards to all sorts of paper craft projects. I also teach classes and have a great bunch of ladies that come frequently.
I am looking forward to sharing my projects and making new friends.