Weekly Meal Planner with Dinner Suggestions


I have been busy trying to get meal planning organized.  I have created three weeks of worth of Dinner Ideas.  Have more ideas for a fourth week.  Will work on getting that put together soon. I have recipes for you also. Some are 4" x 6" size, ready for you to cut out and laminate if you want.  A couple had too much info to fit on a card size so they are full pages.  Just fold to fit in your recipe box. I laminated my Menu planner so it will last awhile.  I also thought you could cut out each meal idea and put into a jar and pull out a few for the week to mix it up.
Here is what they look like.  Click on the PDF link to print out or just save onto your computer. I left the grocery list section blank so you can fill in yourself. Come back to get week for and some more recipes.

Recipe Cards Set One  These do not necessarily match what is on the week one Meal Planner,  I didn't think that far ahead when I was typing up the recipes.  Just print them all out.

Using Rotisserie chicken from the deli will save you time and if you have a smaller family you will have leftovers for another meal. If your deli makes a nice potato salad or cole slaw, pick it up and save yourself some time making from scratch.  Though I do know a couple of ladies that can make a really wonderful potato salad.  I don't.  I always forget I am cooking the potatoes and then have to make mashed potatoes. :) 

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Blessings, Diane

Job changes requires personal organization.


I have been blessed with a job change that provides full time hours. I worked at my last job for eight years and really did enjoy the creative work I did.  Business just kept getting slower and my hours kept decreasing to a point I couldn't even buy groceries for a week.  A friend recommend me for a opening a her company and they hired me.
Working full time, as many of you know, does not leave you with much time for all the tasks at home like cooking, cleaning, laundry, family time and having a social life.

I am one prone to being organized or at least try to be. With my past job I had plenty of time to prepare dinner.  Mind you, I had plenty of time just maybe didn't always want to do it. Now, I find I really need to get organized and plan my meals ahead so I don't get fast food every night. Which my more health conscious teenager does not like me bringing home for dinner.
I made myself a weekly meal planner list with a grocery list.  You can also find several on-line.  The ones I found on-line had too much space used up to look cute.  I love cute but I really wanted my document to be more functional. So,  now I am thinking and planning for the week the meals I want to cook and then shop for groceries accordingly.  This also saves on wasted food because I am buying what I know I will be cooking. I am finding I actually enjoy cooking more when I have all the ingredients I need to prepare a meal and know what I plan to prepare.  Makes getting home and starting dinner so much easier than asking hubby and kids "what do you want for dinner?" and everyone responding "I don't know" and an hour has gone by and nothing is on the table to eat.
I realize that I had too much time to think about what to make for dinner that I did not structure myself and let the time get away from me. I have been going through recipes I have and found new ones online to try.

I recommend if you haven't tried planning your meals for the week you give it a try.  There are even web sites with weekly meal planning meals you can get a weeks worth of ideas or join and have them send you a grocery list and recipes for the week or month.  Trust me it really does simplify your life.
Click below for my Weekly Meal Planner and get your meals organized.
My Weekly Meal Planner
Here are some dinner ideas I recently made.  I will add in some more when I get them written out.
Pasta with Sausage, Tomatoes and Cream Sauce
Pork Medallions with Grainy Mustard Sauce

Blessings, Diane


Graduation is upon us.  I have two son's graduating from College this year and one son graduating from High School.  I am so very proud of all of them. I was asked  to make a Graduation Photo Album by someone. This is was I came up with. I designed some of the paper and many of the embellishments myself. The album can be personalized. I can change to your school colors. If you would like one allow 7 - 10 days for me to make. Click on image to view larger size. $25.00 each.

I have really been enjoying designing my own paper and embellishments. It is really nice to make something that fits the projects I am working on and not having to spend lot's of time shopping for something I never seem to find in the end. 

Let me know if I can make an album for you.

 Blessings, Diane


Feeling a bit better today.  Have had some darn bug.  I am finding the winter weather seems to zap my creativity some. The weather is warming up and I finally made it to my office to create a card. What about you?  Does the weather have any influence on how creative you are?
Here is a Christ is Risen card to share.

The card base was a pre-made card DCWV Linen Closet box.
Stamps: Christ is Risen - Stampin' Up!  Flowers - Stampin' Up!
Leaves: Sizzix - Flowers, Brances & Leaves set
Plaid Frame and Christ is Risen cut out with Sizzix - 657902
White Frame: Sizzix - Ornate Plate
Embossing Folder: Sizzix
Flowers shapes with the Heartfelt Deluxe Flower Shaping Kit
Glitter: Sparkle and Yellow

Enjoy, Diane