Weekly Meal Planner with Dinner Suggestions


I have been busy trying to get meal planning organized.  I have created three weeks of worth of Dinner Ideas.  Have more ideas for a fourth week.  Will work on getting that put together soon. I have recipes for you also. Some are 4" x 6" size, ready for you to cut out and laminate if you want.  A couple had too much info to fit on a card size so they are full pages.  Just fold to fit in your recipe box. I laminated my Menu planner so it will last awhile.  I also thought you could cut out each meal idea and put into a jar and pull out a few for the week to mix it up.
Here is what they look like.  Click on the PDF link to print out or just save onto your computer. I left the grocery list section blank so you can fill in yourself. Come back to get week for and some more recipes.

Recipe Cards Set One  These do not necessarily match what is on the week one Meal Planner,  I didn't think that far ahead when I was typing up the recipes.  Just print them all out.

Using Rotisserie chicken from the deli will save you time and if you have a smaller family you will have leftovers for another meal. If your deli makes a nice potato salad or cole slaw, pick it up and save yourself some time making from scratch.  Though I do know a couple of ladies that can make a really wonderful potato salad.  I don't.  I always forget I am cooking the potatoes and then have to make mashed potatoes. :) 

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Blessings, Diane

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