The Anatomy of Type


I have recently gone back to school.  I am taking a Adobe In-Design and an Adobe Illustrator class.  I will later a Photoshop class.  I want to learn the programs well so that I can work as a Graphic Designer.  I have been design some of my own scrapbook paper and elements and other stuff for awhile with Publisher.  That program does not even come close to what these other programs can do.
This next we starts Chapter 3.  Have you ever thought about the Anatomy of Type or the Anatomical parts of a Letter??  Guess what I will be learning this week.  X-height, mean line, cap height, ascender, descender, descent, ascent, point size.How about apex, arm, bar, hairline, loop, shoulder, spine, stress, vertex, aperture, ball, beak, bracket, counter, crotch, ear,finial, serif, spur, swash and MUCH more,. Who ever knew letters had so much to them.
We do know that fonts and text visually do have an impact. Look at the Coke label, Disney has a style we all recognize. Businesses spend big money for a logo and font to be recognized.  There is so much more to it than most of us ever begin to think about.  This is something I need to learn.  It is time for me  to do homework.

Blessings, Diane