Two hearts joined as one saying I LOVE YOU to each other. It is wonderful having that someone special that you have joined your heart with and share a special relationship with that makes life worth living for.
Here is today's Valentine card to share with you.  Paper is from Pinecone press.  Enjoy!
Blessings, Diane

How do I LOVE thee...


How do I LOVE thee... Let me count the ways.   I LOVE thee in so many ways I cannot count them.
Here is another Valentine card using Pinecone press paper.
Blessings, Diane

Valentine Card to share

It is a wonderful Saturday here.  Super nice weather. Just warm enough to be comfortable without a sweater and no winds.  Hubby and I have spent the morning put away more Christmas decorations and CLEANING out the garage. Since I have classes in the garage I need to keep it neat and clean for all my wonderful ladies.  The past month the garage has turned into a dumping place for everything.  With everything that wasn't supposed to be in the garage now put away, the floor all washed cleaned and tables scrubbed I can have classes again.
I already feel Valentines Day coming very soon.  I am starting to make some quick cards that I can take to church and add to the cards I have up for sale.  The card sales goes towards the women's fund to help offset costs for events and retreats.  I will be posting more Valentines cards during the next few weeks.
Here is a card to share.  The papers used are from Pinecone Press.  Enjoy!

Blessings, Diane

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year everyone.  I hope the New Year brings with it positive changes.  Have you thought about what changes you may like to make?  I am going to figure out a way to create more time to craft for the pure joy of it. Spending so much time crafting for work and planning classes I haven't done much just for the pure joy of creating something for myself, family or friends.  I was sick a few days after Christmas.  Sitting on the sofa resting gave me time to make myself handwarmers, a matching headband and I am working on a scarf to match.  I am also going to plan time to start playing my flute again.  I told myself so many time last year pick it up and practice.  I am going to commit to just doing it.
I took time yesterday to make the calendar project shown below.

I started with a 12" x 12" piece of cream colored cardstock. Folded the cardstock in half.  Keep the creased edge along the top.

I then used the Country Roads paper from Pinecone Press to decorate the folded cream cardstock.   The frames are part of the paper collection.  I will add family photos to my project later.
I then used the calendar paper from Pinecone Press to add the monthsand the icons.  For the months I cut our a 2" square and centered it with temporay adhesive onto the month and cut around to make each month a 2" square to fit the project better.  I centered a ruler along the bottom edge of the project and marked at 4" and 8".  Punched a hole for the ribbon to go through.  Insert the ribbon and space the project apart so it can stand on a table, then tie ribbon into a bow.  You will see three months on each side.  For the next xis months just undo the ribbon, fold project in half the other way and reinsert the ribbon.  You could take a family photo Jan., April, July and October and add to your project.  A great way to see the changes throughout the year.  Especially with growing kids.

Enjoy!  Blessings, Diane