Back in school . . . . . .

Hi Ladies,

I went back to school in January and attended the local Adult School.  I did learn some stuff but not enough. In Sept. I started attending the local Junior college.  Checking my records, I cannot believe how many units I have completed.  I am going to check out what I need so I can finally get my AA degree.  I am currently taking a Illustrator and Photoshop class.  The college has much more homework to be completed.  All my spare time is doing homework these days. I have had a couple of projects I have been working on.  The first one was to make a mask design.  I made a beautiful butterfly using Illustrator and used it to make a banner for my Facebook page.  I am now working on a business logo.  This is what I have come up with.  What do you all think of my projects?  I hope to have time to be more creative and make the projects I enjoy.

Blessings,  Diane