Dance for no reason!


Our eldest child moved out a few months ago and the other kids have been wanting to move into other bedrooms so they will each have their own room. Yesterday was spent cleaning and moving furniture around. Now all the remaining kids have their own room. Was totally funny to me that the next to the youngest spent the night sleeping in the youngest child's room. They have shared a room since the youngest birth, so it must have been a little hard to separate. Today, I have spent my entire day working on upcoming class projects. Not even close to getting anything accomplished. Hubby has spent the day doing yard work and taking down a triple bunk bed that the kids no longer need.
As I have been working I have been playing music on my computer. A song by my favorite Neil Diamond came on. Hubby was walking past in the yard so I called out to him. For no reason at all I invited him to dance with me. We embraced each other, giggled, twirled around and enjoyed a moment of dancing together. Was a nice quick break for both of us.

Go dance for no reason at all.

Blessings, Diane

Easter Bunny Train with Mama Bunny Treat Bag


Is this Bunny Train so very cute? I LOVE it. It is so easy to make. As you can see it is a die cut that you just punch out and assemble. This projects will also make a great two page scrap book page. The kit includes the train boxes and ribbon. This is a new project released from my work. Kits are availalbe. I need to find out the cost of shipping and then I can post the costs. If you want to attend my upcoming class to make this project check my calendar for information. because I just know you will ask about those cute carrots candies. They are marshallow peeps I got a Wal-Mart. If you would like to purchase a kit to make the Easter Bunny Train or the Scrapbook Pages visit PineCone Press Design. Tell them Diane sent you.
Enjoy! Blessings, Diane