You've Been Elfed


Apparently the "You've Been Elfed" tradition has been going on for awhile and I only found out last year after the Holiday's.  We have a couple of new neighbors this year so I thought it would be nice to Elf the new neighbors.  There are lot's of cute You've Been Elfed signs on the internet you can search for and print out to use for yourself.  I found one I particularly liked here: This site has lot's of other fun stuff also.
I wanted a couple of tags to attach to my gifts so I made a couple to match the signs.

I know that a lot of people like to do neighbor gifts, but this is extra special because it’s done in secret, and the kids love to ring the doorbell and run away.  They feel like little elves themselves.
So what you do is:
1. Download the printable signs and tags. (Click on the above image and it will open to full size. Right click your mouse and save to your computer).
2. Print 2 Copies
3. Make a special treat for 2 people (maybe pick someone that needs some extra love, this is a great way talk to your kids about thinking of others instead of themselves)
4. Head out and leave the note with the treat on your unsuspecting recipient!
5. And above all, have fun!
Merry Christmas, Diane