Cupcake Liner Storage Idea


I have discovered in 2013 that I have found I enjoy finding new uses for items.  I try to think outside the box on ways to re-purpose items.  I have come up with some clever ideas if I say so myself.   Do you have cupcake liners in your cupboard that fall around, get dirty if left unused for too long or get smashed and useless? I cannot take full credit for this idea but knew it would be a very useful idea, I just needed to find a container that would work and one I already had sitting in a cupboard not being used.  I found this beautiful jar. So what if it has a Christmas print.  I have always liked the jar but had it stuffed in the back of a shelf too high for me to reach.  It will now be in a cupboard I open everyday so I will see it more often and better yet my cupcake liners will be neatly contained and clean.
Give this a try yourself.
Blessings, Diane

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