I have been enjoying some of my time at home since my job was eliminated. Having more time at home has given me more time to be creative and cook from scratch. My Hubby enjoys when I take time to make a home cooked meal and who wouldn't.
I decided I wanted to make some cinnamon rolls. I look at the cinnamon rolls in the bakery section of the market and they look dried out. I want soft, fluffy cinnamon rolls not hard ones. I decided to go on a mission and check the internet for a recipe. Gotta love the internet for the resources you can find. I found a recipe on King Arthur Flour web site. It lacked sugar in the dough so I thought it might be a bit bland. If  your having a cinnamon roll you want sweet I say.  So I kept looking and found Cleobuttera. She used the same recipe as King Arthur and made a couple of adjustments. Cleobuttera has a lot of step by step photos and instructions for making the cinnamon rolls so you cannot mess them up. The recipe is at the bottom of her blog page.  The technique I learned to make soft and fluffy cinnamon rolls is called "Tangzhong method".  Check this link for some good information and how to start your cinnamon rolls and also bread recipes. You can also search the internet for more information related to Tangzhong method.
My family sure enjoyed the cinnamon rolls.  The following day they are still soft and fluffy. It did take awhile t make them. Mostly because of the wait to for the dough to rise.  I found other thing to do during the wait time.  They are well worth the effort to make. Look how beautiful they are, and the caramelized bottom is a bonus.

Hope you make some and enjoy.

Blessings, Diane

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