Faux Frosting Technique


This was a easy and creative technique to do. Doesn't my cupcake look good enough to eat? YUMMY! Lupe, takes my technique class and suggested this one. I tried it out and it was easier than I thought. I did have to search the Internet for some instruction. The one I choose was the easiest and least dangerous. One of the suggested methods used Crystal Lacquer on the card. If your not careful you can have a burst of fire. Not something I wanted to take a chance with.
My recipe calls for: Equal parts Flour & Salt. (a teaspoon is enough. I used a tablespoon and have tons of frosting left.) Add water to mixture. Add enough to get a paste consistency. Add just a couple drops of ink refill or food coloring to mixture if you want to color. Use a small popsicle stick to apply mixture to stamped image. Do not apply too thick. Sprinkle a little glitter on top for sparkle. Hold image with tweezers and use your heat tool to heat image from the underside of paper for a short time and then heat on top the image. You DO NOT want to get heat tool too close or hold in place over image too long or you will scorch your frosting. Not pretty! You can see the color change some to tell if it is dry. Here are some other places you can check out. Starlightstamper
Giddy Greetings Video
We will be making this project and another in my Technique class Tuesday, April 14.
Happy Easter and Blessings!!

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