Chillin' Star Card


After making a few of these I feel like winter is almost here.
I finally have a picture of a Star Card I made. I used the Chillin' papers for this project also. Pinecone Press just designed and released their Chillin' papers as well as some really nice Halloween paper. All are 12 x 12 cardstock quality.
I made a template for this project and my boss loved it so much she made it into a company product. So if you like this project you can buy a kit with the blank to make your own. You get five folded cards and five cut-out cards. It comes complete with directions on how to assemble. You can get them by calling Pinecone Press at (714) 434-9881. Their web site is here Pinecone Press

I love how they fold flat like a card but can be opened as shown and displayed. They also fit to a tin that can be used for gift giving. You can add your own personal photos in the dangles and along the sides. The openings come in both squares and circles.

Thanks for looking,

A top view of my project.

A few close-ups of the different sides. There are five altogether to complete the project.

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