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I am so excited today.  I have finished a set of my Chic All Purpose Tote bags.  I was going to label them grocery shopping bags but they are so cute and roomy enough for so many uses.  Use as a beach bag, fill will snacks and toys for a trip to the park, Scrapbookers will  be able to fill with lots of items for taking extras on the go. I use mine when shopping at Target, Sams Club and Wal-Mart also. They of course are great for holding lots of items when grocery shopping.  Replace two plastic bags with one of these.  I can fit two gallons of milk in a bag. For those of us that want to help with recycling these bags are great.  They are made with 100% cotton fabric.  Handles are double stitched for durability. They are completely lined and can be reversible. They are machine washable.  Each set includes four bags that are design coordinated so you look like a chic shopper.  Each set also includes the small tote that is designed to hold all your large totes when not in use.  The small tote is also a great size for fruit, two bottles of wine, bread and other delicate items.  They bags are also designed to roll up when not in use so they are compact and neat.
Check out my Fiber Creations site to purchase a set of bags.  More design choices will be coming soon.
I just couldn't resist sharing these with you today.  Hope you like them.
Set of four totes with small tote to store them in.
Large size to hold lots. Measures 17" x 16" x 6"
Designed to fit on the baggers rack for easy filling.
Large 6" gusset allows large items to fit easily.

Roll up to store.  Band and button keep bag closed neatly. Band also hangs on baggers rack to keep in place when filling.

Blessings, Diane

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Shari said...


These are gorgeous & so practical too! What a great gift for someone or to gift to yourself!