Name Change and New Look


Thanks for stopping by.  I have had my paper-art projects here for a long time.  I have started sewing again, and have enjoyed it very much.  My friends have encouraged me to sell my creations on my blog.  Well, Diane's PaperArt Creations didn't quite fit with my sewing items.  I decided I needed to have one name to use and under score it with both my PaperArt and Fiber creations.  My favorite color I always say is Raspberry and I love flowers.  So I thought I would combine my likeness for both into a business name and came up with Raspberry Blossoms.  My family isn't all to keen on the name, having me doubt my choice. Raspberry Blossoms is what it will be unless I am inspired with something I like much better. Feel free to comment on my new look and name.
I will be posting more items for both PaperArt and Fiber projects.  Come back and take a look.

Blessings, Diane

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Shari said...

Love the new name & look to your blog. It is upbeat & fun!