Winner of vacation contest.


Thanks to everyone that sent in their guesses for the vacation album.
The winner is Brad Evans. Brad guessed the correct location of both pictures.
For answers see photos below.
If you have never been to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon or to Bryce Canyon, I would highly recommend you plan a vacation and visit both places. They are beautiful. Each place is very different from each other. Since they are at higher elevations they are also cooler. We also visited Zion canyon while on vacation. Zion can get much hotter in the summer.
We did a lot of hiking. The kids were quick to notice lizards, frogs, bugs, birds, squirrels, deer, fish, butterflies, berries, flowers. When you take the time to look around you see so many beautiful things that you miss when you just walk quickly.
The family really enjoyed our vacation. I am already trying to think of where we want to go next year.

Blessings, Diane

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