Paper Tole Art Cards

What is Paper Tole Art you ask? An art form for over 200 years, Paper Tole is highly prized for its total uniqueness. Paper Tole is a crafting idea of making soothing and spectacular three-dimensional images. Paper Tole is a craft where several prints of the same picture are gathered and its major components are painstakingly cut by hand using exacto knives and artful skill. Artisans know of the costly expense and consumption of time required to master an image. They must have knowledge of cutting as well as what to cut, what to keep, what to throw away and how to glue, block, shape, and form. If you do a search for Paper Tole you can find some magnificent art work.

Not to diminish the true quality art form, I have a made a much simplified version. I absolutely love these cards. They may require a little time to cut the layers, but the beauty of the finished card is so worth the time.

I will be having two classes for these cards. July 10th at Diane's Place and July 21st at Pinecone Press. Check the calendar for time, cost and supply list. There will be a total of 3 projects. I hope you can come. Don't feel intimidated. I will make the process easy for you. Please feel free to leave your comments.

Blessings, Diane


Angela Dively said...

Wow!! These are amazing. I've been wanting to try this technique...just don't think I have the right stamp sets for it. I may have to get creative, haha. :)

Thanks for sharing!

henny said...

beautiful cards...
I love papertole but never try to use for a card. Maybe I should try... Thanks for the idea.