Open House -Thursday night

Hi ladies,

I had my Open House stamping last night. Only a few showed up but we had a great time. Someone brought some tools they had bought and no clue how to use them. I showed her how and now she is excited to know what to do with her tools. Everyone was busy using my Cuttlebug, checking out a new project I designed, sharing ideas on they projects they were working. There was still hardly a dent made into the amount of scraps I have. I think I could do this for a year and still have scraps to be used. We had some very interesting conversation about Thursday's Oprah show. Who knew that a man could be pregnant. Yes I said a man be pregnant. Well, if you watched enough of the show you were informed that the person had at one time been a woman and had undergone the transformation be become a man.
Anyone who missed out I hope to see you next week.
Lupe, everyone asked where you were. They were looking forward to you demoing a card.
Maybe next week.

Blessings, Diane

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Lena said...

I just wanted to say, I had a great time on Thursday and continued working on my projects today. I enjoyed being able to share and bounce ideas off of each other. I hope to see more people this week, Lupe where are you?