Santa Pants Gift Bag


I saw these cute Santa pants at Kathie's site here,

I thought they were so adorable I had to make some for myself.
I did change the pattern for the pants using a pattern I had designed myself for another project. I used 12 x 12 cardstock so my pants are larger to hold more goodies. One piece of cardstock will make both legs. I paper pierced the project and found that if you stack your cardstock you can pierce through both layers at once and save yourself tons of time.
This is a project that my stamp class will get to make this week. They will be so surprised and I know will just love it.

Aren't they just the cutest!!

Directions for my box:
Cut a 12 x 12" piece of red cardstock in half. Now accross the long width Score at 2 ½”, Score at 5 ½”, Score at 8”, Score at 11”. Next Score 1 ½ “ from bottom of cardstock. Using scissors, cut the short lines from the bottom to the mid line. Apply glue to the narrow scored edge strip, lay box flat on table. Fold box so that both ends meet on top and the glued edge adheres to inside of the other edge of the box. Apply glue to the bottom pieces. Fold them up making sure the small piece on the end is not last. Press bottom tight together to form the box.
Fur Trim
From white velveteen paper or white cardstock: Cut a strip 1” X 11”. Attach the strip to the bottom edge of each pant leg, trim to fit around box with seam in center of the side that will be the inside seam of pants. This is important because when assembling, these seams will become the inside seam on the pant legs. Apply adhesive to top of legs from edge to about 1” from edge and join together.
Cut two strips 3/4” X 11”out of red cardstock. Apply decorative stitching with either a sewing machine, paper piercing or stamp a stitched image along both edges of the suspenders.
Attaching Suspenders
Add the suspenders to the purse by applying adhesive to the back side of one suspender at the bottom edge. Attach this to the outside of the pant leg, near the waistline’s edge at back of pant’s. Apply adhesive to the opposite end of the suspender on the front side bottom edge. Bend the suspender slightly and attach it to the inside edge of the opposite pant leg. Placement should be near the top of the front pant leg (see photo)
Belt Buckle
A pre-made belt buckle can be used or you can make your own. A buckle can be made with an ordinary soda pop-top tab. A buckle can be made from a Sizzix die cut from heavy duty foil or silver cardstock. Slide buckle onto belt.
Cut a 18" length of black ribbon. Apply adhesive to the inside of the black ribbon and press it around the waistline of the pants , wrapping around both boxes just below stitching, finishing with seam in the back. Aligning buckle to front center while wrapping the ribbon.
Belt Loops
Cut two pieces of red cardstock to ¾” X 2 ½”. Apply decorative stitching with a sewing machine, paper piercing or stamp a stitched image along all edges of the belt loops. Fold the loop in half (to measure ¾” X 1 ¼”).
Add the belt loops wrapping over the top of pants. (see photo for placement)

Blessings, Diane

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Laura Weed said...

This is beyond adorable!!! Thanks so much for sharing your directions!