Today I have made cards using the same paper I used for my Valentine Banners. I really like how versatile the paper is.  With a few scraps and pieces you can create some beautiful cards.  I enjoy challenging myself to only use my scraps sometimes to make cards. It is amazing what yo can create with stuff you might think to throw away.  Yea,  I save lots and my office space gets cramped.  When I have saved TOO much I bag up my paper scraps and donate them to the High School art class.  The teacher and kids love to get them.  They have a very creative teacher that finds used for the paper.  If you have ever taken paper and recycled into new paper, you know how much fun that can be.  Kindergarten kids really have fun tearing up the paper and putting into a blender and making paper pulp. Then thy pour into the paper deckle and make paper.  Makes for a great teaching lesson.
The enjoy the cards for today.
Blessings, Diane

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