Flutterby - Chipboard Album


I love today's project. I designed this project at work. It makes me feel like Spring is here. The flower, ladybug and butterfly decorated with such bright colors are a delight to look at.
Let me know what you think. Enjoy!
I wanted to do something fun with the flower on the front of the flower shaped board. so I made a mini album that is a four circle according piece that slides on the ribbon sandwiched between the flower icon and the circle. How cool is that. To make the mini circle album I cut out one circle the size I wanted. This one is 2 1/2" in diamiter. I then got a piece of scrap paper to make a pattern. I put the circle on the scrap paper and traced outside the template. I then moved my template so the edge of the circles overlapped just a little bit and traced another circle. I continued till I had made four joining circles. I cut out this patten and placed onto my printed cardstock and cut out my now long adjoining circles. How totally cool! The ribbon that is behind the last circle attatched to the book does not slide.

I could not resist making wings for my ladybug. I love interactive projects. It also gives you much more space to add more photos. You can purchase the chipboard blank album. It includes one each of the flower, ladybug, and butterfly chipboard blank with the rings. You can also purchase the entire kit with the chipboard blank album and the decorative papers They are very reasonably priced. The project is decorated with Pinecone Press newly released "Flutterby" cardstock. All cardstock is double-sided printed. If you would like to purchase a kit visit PineCone Press Design.

Blessings, Diane


Lena said...

Great album. I always like to see interactive albums, I think they are such fun. I can't wait for the class on this!

Jose and Ivonne said...

love it! hopefully I can come to this class even if I need to bring Elizabeth :-) Happy New Year!