Yippee! New computer stuff.


I am having some MEGA sized memory added to my computer. My son checked my computer and I had next to no memory left so I asked what we should do. Ever heard of a Terabyte? Neither had I a few days ago. That is how much memory I am having added to my computer. To get an idea of the capacity of a terabyte, consider the common megabyte (MB). Just over thousand megabytes equals one gigabyte, but just over one million megabytes equals a terabyte!
1,024 megabytes = 1 gigabyte
1,024 gigabytes = 1 terabyte
One terabyte is a trillion bytes (characters) which is also 1000 gigabytes. Or if you prefer, 1 TB = 1000 GB. So how much storage is that, really? Let's do some comparisons... 1 GB of memory is the equivalent of 500,000 typewritten pages, or about one pickup truck of books. So you could say that a terabyte is a thousand librarians driving Ford F150's stacked with literature.

Or in digital terms... the biggest iPod Classic stores 160GB, or about 40,000 songs. Six of those iPods would hold almost one terabyte, enough space to store a quarter-million songs. If you had a shiny new 1-terabtye hard drive, you could stash 300 feature length films, or 40,000 faxes on it. But you'd need 20 of those 1 TB drives to hold the entire print collection of the U.S. Library of Congress.

Like I said, MEGA sized memory. My son helped me pick out what I needed. He thinks I am nuts to add so much memory but the price was to good to pass up. I will be able to have tons of graphics, pictures, music and more stored onto my computer. I also had some RAM added to help my computer fun faster. I need speed to get my work done. If this upgrade of RAM isn't enough I can add some more.
It takes a few hours for the new hard drive to be formatted so I cannot load the pictures of the class projects till later.

Later, Blessings, Diane

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